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Expand in France

Expand in France

Expand in France

France is the world’s fifth largest economy and the world’s seventh largest foreign investor. It offers a wide array of business opportunities for investors and has a proven track record of attracting and retaining foreign companies and key talent.

With numerous life sciences companies, France is one of the leading and most dynamic regions in Europe in this sector. Highly regarded skills and expertise can be found throughout the drug development value chain providing the best environment to bring therapeutic innovations to the market as quickly as possible.

  • At early stages, in order to evaluate your strategic positioning, assess your company’s potential on the French Market, identify key prospects and adapt your communication.
  • At late stages, in order to enhance your commercial activities, foster your market position and explore potential development / partnerships opportunities.
How to expand in France?

How to expand in France?

Crescentia Consulting has developed an original method to make business development an integral part of your strategy. You benefit from a customized and adapted accompaniment, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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Value Proposal

In order to address the development needs of healthcare companies, Crescentia Consulting supports Pharmaceuticals companies, as well Biotechs and Medtechs to enhance their external growth through portfolio optimization and licencing partnerships (in and out).

Screening and Qualification

Crescentia Consulting  proposes screening and qualification services of targeted potential partners based on the following method:

Screening phase

Based on company screening by different approches aimaing to understand the structures. Leading to the establishment of a pipeline regrouping potential partners.

Qualification and Recommendation

Initiation of preliminary discussions and qualification of R&D pipeline in order to evaluate the competitive advantage. Gathering of information about the financial status and asses willingness to enter partnership deals.

Partnering and Managing Collaboration

Crescentia Consulting  proposes support in partnering and collaboration management bases on the following services:


Regroups divers steps like setting up deals structure or negociating term sheets.

Managing collaborations

Concerns all the process of management associated with the creation of a collaboration between companies.

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